COVID-19 Resources

The City of Harrisonville is committed to the health and safety of the public and will maintain this commitment, as we navigate this global pandemic.

We encourage all business operators and residents to read Governor Parson’s Missouri Show-Me Strong Recovery Order, as well as the guidelines and frequently asked questions that can be found on the Governor’s website.

If you have Harrisonville-specific questions about Governor Parson’s order, we have created a resource to provide you with answers.

Both commercial tenants and residents will be able to email questions to or leave questions as a message at (816) 380-8965. Once a question is received, it will be quickly distributed to a select group of City officials who will respond with an answer in line with the Governor’s order.

This resource will be monitored closely but we do ask that you be patient while we work to get you an accurate and timely answer.

The City of Harrisonville fully supports the Cass County Health Department’s decision to follow Governor Parson’s order. The CCHD is the county’s public health expert and authority, and the City of Harrisonville will continue to support their efforts to keep the community safe. Any questions about the Governor’s order that are not answered in this article or the FAQ sheet may be directed to the CCHD (816) 380-8425.