Staffing & Equipment


The Harrisonville Police Department consists of 25 full-time and six part-time commissioned police officers, eight full-time civilians, nine part-time civilians, and one volunteer.

The organizational breakdown for the department is as follows:

  • 1 Police Chief
  • 2 Lieutenants (Field Services, Support Services)
  • 4 Sergeants (Shift Supervisors)
  • 14 Police Officers (includes specialized assignments listed below)
  • 3 Detectives
  • 2 School Resource / DARE Officers
  • 6 Full-time Dispatchers
  • 7 Part-time Dispatchers
  • 1 Full-time Record Clerk
  • 1 Full-time Evidence Tech
  • 2 Full-time Animal Control Officers
  • 2 Part-time Animal Control Officers
  • 1 Volunteer Police Chaplain - The Volunteer Police Chaplain program was established within the department in 2005 to provide emotional, moral and spiritual support to employees, and to assist the department with victims and their families when deemed necessary
  • 1 Police K-9


Police vehicles and the equipment to operate the dispatch center constitute the most expensive items utilized by the department.

Listed are the vehicles assigned to the department:

  • 14 marked police vehicles utilized for patrol
  • 5 unmarked police vehicles utilized for detective assignments and surveillance function
  • 1 chief's vehicle for administrative purposes, surveillance, and patrol functions in poor weather conditions
  • 1 Dodge truck used for hauling evidence
  • 1 Ford van utilized for Animal Control
  • 1 Chevy truck utilized for Animal Control
  • 1 Cushman scooter used for parades and other non-enforcement related purposes
  • 1 1977 DARE Corvette used for DARE activities