TIF Commission

The TIF Commission meets as needed.

Duties & Responsibilities

The TIF Commission considers requests from developers for tax increment financing of new industrial and commercial developments in the city. They gather, analyze and review data and take public testimony before making a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen regarding the request.

Board Members
The TIF Commission is an 11-member board. Six members are appointed by the Harrisonville Board of Aldermen, two by the Harrisonville School District, two by Cass County, and one from another taxing jurisdiction. Members serve staggered terms of four years each.

Term Expiration
Chris O'Connell September 2019
VACANT September 2019
Virgil Butler September 2020
Lester Unruh September 2020
Dorothy Young - Chairman
September 2021
Morris Coburn September 2021
Two School District Appointments - Paul Mensching & Jason Eggers  
Two County Appointments - Monty Kisner and Obie Carl  
Rob Greenwood -  Appointment From Other Taxing Jurisdictions