Sewer Averaging

The City of Harrisonville computes the average sewer usage for residential customers each year, based upon monthly water consumption during the months of October through March. The city administrator chooses which months will be used for each year's sewer average, and these can be a combination of any of the winter months.

Sewer averaging is generally done in March.

If residential customers did not have utility service during the chosen months, they will not have a monthly sewer average. Their monthly sewer bill will be based upon actual usage, but it will not exceed the citywide average.

High Averages

Customers who experience a water leak during the winter months and feel their sewer average is too high may submit a letter of explanation by June 1 of each year to be considered for a possible sewer adjustment. For complete details on what to include in the letter, please contact the Utility Office at 816-380-8900.