Level Pay Program

The City of Harrisonville has a way to help utility customers avoid the high and low utility bills associated with peak seasonal heating and cooling. Our Level Pay program can help you plan and budget for your utilities with a fixed charge that is based upon your residential usage for the past 12 months. To be eligible, you must have resided at the same address for the 12 months prior to enrollment.


Qualifying residents who sign up in January of each year, with the enrollment period coming at the end of that month, will receive a bill for the same amount every month for the next eleven months, with a true-up bill in the month of February, at which time we will also recalculate your average for the next year. Of course, you may cancel Level Pay at any time, simply by notifying the Utilities Office in writing.

Level Pay offers a consistent charge for utilities rather than the usual fluctuations caused by seasonal variations in heating and cooling.

Sign Up

To learn more about Level Pay, please call the Utilities Office at 816-380-8900.