Recycling & Trash

Refuse Collection

As part of the City of Harrisonville’s utility package, we contract with a professional trash hauler to give residents access to curbside refuse collection. Beginning Monday, August 1, 2021, Green For Life Environmental Inc. will provide the residents weekly trash collection, curbside recycling, yard waste collection, and bulky item pick-up. 

Email Green For Life

Call Green For Life: (816) 380-5595 

Click here to view a trash collection map and find what day your trash will be collected.

General Overview

Generally speaking, trash will be picked up Monday through Friday throughout the year. However, our hauler observes certain national holidays, so there will be no pick-up on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In these instances, collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the holiday week. In addition, collection may be suspended for extreme weather conditions such as blizzards, heavy rains, flooding, etc.

Click here to view the letter sent to all Harrisonville residents, outlining GFL's guidelines for service.

The monthly fee is included in the utility bill.

Each residential customer will be provided a 96-gallon cart, distinguishable by its green lid, and a 65-gallon cart with a black lid for recyclables. The carts are the property of Green For Life and should not be removed from your property. General guidelines for preparing trash are as follows:

Household refuse must be securely bagged, tied and placed in the cart with the green lid. Bagged trash inside the cart must not keep the lid of the cart from closing. If trash is piled above the rim of the cart and the lid is unable to fully close, GFL will remove the excess bags and place them on the ground next to the cart.

Overage stickers for excess trash will be available for purchase by calling GFL customer service at 816-380-5595. Overage stickers are priced at $7.50 for a sheet of five stickers. Residents can obtain a second trash cart at a subscription cost of $7.50 per month. Contact our local customer service, 816-380-5595, to arrange cart delivery and billing.

Recycling is optional but encouraged. Recyclables must be placed loose in the cart with the black lid. Do not place recyclables in plastic bags or sacks.

Yard waste should be placed in biodegradable paper bags. The limit for yard waste is 12 bags or bundles per week. Discarded live Christmas trees will be collected during the first two weeks of January. Make sure ALL decorations are removed and place the tree in a visible location at curbside on your regular collection day. (This pick-up is only for cut, live trees.)

Refuse or Not?

Refuse is the customary, normal mix of household trash and garbage. It can include small automobile parts such as filters, belts and hoses (but NOT tires, batteries, brake shoes, mufflers or shock absorbers, please). Small amounts of building materials or construction debris from MINOR home maintenance is also acceptable. Yard waste should not be mixed with the household refuse. Also, do not include hazardous materials such as pesticides, cleaning fluids, antifreeze, batteries, motor oil or paint.

What is Yard Waste?

In Harrisonville, we take pride in our yards and lawns and often put in a lot of hard work to keep them as we like. The resulting grass clippings, pulled weeds or vines, garden refuse, small branch trimmings and fallen leaves are considered a separate category called Yard Waste, and the preparation is a little different from household waste. Place clippings, leaves or other small plant material in biodegradable paper bags or unbagged in a container marked as yardwaste or YW. Five (5) such yard waste containers per household will be collected each week. Additionally, the containers should not weigh more than 40 pounds each, and no materials – primarily sticks, twigs and other tree debris – shall be allowed to exceed the upper lip of any container.  Brush or tree trimmings must be cut into lengths no longer than 4 feet and securely tied in bundles weighing no more than 40 pounds Set everything out on your regular collection day. You may wish to place it on the opposite side of your driveway from the regular carts. Yard waste will be collected on the same day as household trash, but not necessarily by the same truck or at the same time. (Please note: rock, dirt and concrete do not qualify as yard waste and will not be accepted or picked up by GFL.) Please do not rake, sweep or blow leaves into the streets. Leaves in the street end up in our storm sewers, clogging the lines and causing backups and flooding when it rains.

Curbside Recycling

View and download a handy guide to what is acceptable for recycling (PDF).

The smaller 65-gallon cart with the black lid is designated for recyclables. Recycling is encouraged but not mandatory, and if you do not wish to participate call Green For Life at 816-380-5595 and they will pick up the cart. Please do not use the recycling cart for excess household trash or yard waste.

Recycling is not difficult and your participation will make a difference in reducing the waste stream that goes into area landfills. Acceptable items to recycle are:

  • Plastics grades 1, 2, 3, 4, or 7.
  • Newspapers, magazines, phone books
  • Office paper or white paper
  • Cardboard, including chip board
  • Aluminum cans and tin cans

No glass, Styrofoam or plastic bags accepted.

Bulky Items

Residents may also set out one (1) bulky household item per month to be picked up free of charge. This is only for household items that do not fit in the cart, but it does include carpet up to a maximum of 10 feet by 10 feet square. If you have more than one item, please contact GFL to set up pricing for the collection of the items. 

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

The City of Harrisonville is a member of the Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program, a service coordinated by the MARC Solid Waste Management District.

Residents have year-round access to the safe disposal of unwanted products such as paint, lawn and garden chemicals, automotive fluids, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and household cleaners.

Click here to view the 2023 Household Hazardous Waste Brochure

Residents can access the permanent facilities in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City and also can attend any of the mobile events scheduled April through October. The 2023 Harrisonville event will be June 17 at the Harrisonville Streets Department facility, located at 1403 S Independence Street. 

When dropping off items, please remain in your vehicle and turn your motor off.

As you prepare for the event, please follow these tips for gathering your HHW for safe disposal:

• Seal containers tightly.

• Bring items in their original containers inside a sturdy box.

• If original container is leaking or damaged, transfer product to a safe container and re-label.

• Don’t mix products together.

• Be prepared to leave your containers. Containers such as gasoline cans will not be returned at mobile events.

For more information please visit the Recycle Spot website and select the "HHW" tab, or call 816-701-8226.

Kansas City Facility
4707 Deramus Street
KCMO 64120
Open Thursday and Friday 9 to 6 and Saturday 9 to 4
No Appointment Necessary! 

Lee’s Summit Facility
Operated by KC Dumpster Company
2101 SE Hamblen Road
By appointment only.
100-pound limit per visit.
Open first Saturday of the month, April thru November, from 7 a.m. to noon.