Statement of No Tax Due

For All City Business License Holders

Beginning in 2009, all business licenses which expire annually on August 31 must have a Statement of No Tax Due attached in order to be renewed. This is in accordance with a statute enacted by the State of Missouri (Section 144.083.2 and 144.083.4 RSMo) which reads as follows: The possession of a statement from the Department of Revenue stating no tax is due shall also be a prerequisite to the issuance or renewal of any city business license required for conducting business where goods are sold at retail. The statement of no tax due shall be dated no longer than 90 days before the date of the renewal of the city license.

Please note: The new regulation applies only to those businesses engaged in retail sales. If your business does not make retail sales, you are not required to present a Statement of No Tax Due to purchase your business license. If you have any questions, please contact the Missouri Department. of Revenue Taxation Division at 816-889-2944 or Harrisonville City Collector Dee Shelton at 816-380-8908.

How to Obtain a Statement of No Tax Due

Business owners and managers can visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website at their convenience, where they can print the necessary Statement of No Tax Due. To do so, you will need your Missouri Tax Identification Number and PIN number. The Department of Revenue has already assigned each business a PIN number, and it can be found on the front of your return or voucher book.