Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission meets at least quarterly.  Regular meeting dates are the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at city hall.

Duties & Responsibilities
The duties of the Historic Preservation Commission are to keep an inventory of all historic properties within the community and to make recommendations concerning historic preservation planning issues.

This commission also recommends to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Aldermen concerning amendments to the historic preservation ordinance, including the rezoning of new historic (H-1) districts.

The Historic Preservation Commission also reviews proposed alterations to the exteriors of properties within the H-1 zoning districts, granting approval for these with a permit called a Certificate of Appropriateness.  Get the application here.

Construction/Remodel Regulated Work
District Regulation Overview
Type of Work
Design Guidelines

Board Members
The Historic Preservation Commission is a seven-member body appointed by the mayor with approval from the Board of Aldermen.
Term Expiration
Claudia Kauzlarich May 2021
April McLaughlin May 2021
Bill Woods May 2019
Julie Cooper May 2019
Michael Weaver May 2020
Robert Wiseman May 2020
David Atkinson May 2020
Gary Davidson - Alternate (Alderman Liaison) April 2023
Staff: Roger Kroh, Community Development Planner
Secretary: Jamie Martin, Community Development